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What To Look When You Are Looking To Outsource Your Stainless Steel Products Or Components

It is a common practice to outsource steel products and components for various industries. Equipment that produces stainless steel is expensive; it requires a big space and a highly skilled workforce that can understand the complexities of these machineries to manufacture this metal. This is where outsourcing steps in, which can dramatically lessen the costs and cease the fret of building a labor force to fabricate the finest grade stainless steel.


A Legacy of Over 50years

A young Shri O P Jindal left his village in Nalwa, Haryana to settle in Kolkata, West Bengal where he saw pipes with ‘Made in England’ written on it. This eureka moment motivated him to start his own business in manufacturing steel pipes, bends and sockets. His first operational unit was in Liluah near Kolkata. Two years later, he returned to Haryana and embarked on an entrepreneurial pursuit along with his brothers.
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