The hallmark of a JSLL creation lies in its flawless quality and exquisite finish, both a function of its world class manufacturing acumen and master-craftsmanship abilities. Nothing embodies this more than our proprietary, ahead-of-the-curve production facilities – one that ensures no JSLL product sees the light of day till it has clearly cold-shouldered every cliché and unabashedly upturned every ‘convention’. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants are located across Chennai, Pathredi and Rohad.

Our Plants

Pathredi Plant
Rohad Plant
Chennai Plant

Rohad Plant

20,234 sq.m.

The Rohad plant is spread across 20,234 sq. m. and offers a wide range of in-house production and finishing capabilities for best-in-class quality products. The plant caters to Value Engineering and Arttd’inox.

Cutting Edge Technology for Production Efficiency

State-Of-The-Art Equipments to create functional products that eases Lifestyle

Robotic Welding Machine

Capable of doing welding and cutting operations as well as used to weld specific sheets including sheet metal, welded wire mesh.

Laser Welding Machine

Assists to join pieces of metal or thermoplastics through the use of a laser.

Laser Cutting Machine

Generates a laser beam which stimulates a lasing material by electrical discharges in a closed container.

Sheet Bending Machine

Used to assemble a bend on a sheet as per desired.

Shearing Machine

A multipurpose device used for cutting alloys and other sheet metals.